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Paternity Actions and Unmarried Parents

Resolving Custody and Support Issues for Unmarried Parents

When a relationship ends, unmarried couples find themselves facing the same parenting issues as married parents whose relationship ends in divorce. In Texas, children have the right to be supported by both parents whether their parents are married or not. Children also have the right to have a relationship with both parents whether the parents have been married or not.

When you retain the services of Kimberly D. Levi, a devoted family law attorney whose practice is in Houston, Texas, you will receive experienced guidance in navigating the sometimes difficult path that traces the transformation of a relationship.  This transformation is marked by the need to make important decisions regarding child custody, visitation, and support. Ms. Levi will arm you with the knowledge you need and deserve to help you choose the path that will lead you toward the transformation being a positive one.

Establishing Paternity

When a child’s parents are unmarried, legal paternity must first be established before issues such as child support and custody can be addressed by a family court.  The establishment of paternity  can be done voluntarily or involuntarily, by either the father or the mother.

If the mother and father acknowledge that the father is the parent, then the process is very simple. The court will accept the statement of the parents, clearing the way for child support and parenting time to be addressed.  If the father does not acknowledge paternity, or the mother denies the paternity of a man asserting that he is the father, the matter will be resolved by a simple and noninvasive DNA test.

Child Custody and Support for Unmarried Parents

In Texas, issues such as child custody and visitation, child support, and modifications of prior orders are handled the same way for unmarried parents as they are for married parents. Also, Texas courts are charged with the responsibility of being gender-neutral in their decisions.  When you retain Kimberly D. Levi, an experienced family law attorney in Houston, Texas, you will receive dedicated representation regarding your paternity family law action.  Please call to schedule a consultation with Ms. Levi today.

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