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Prosecuting and Defending Enforcement or Contempt Actions

Once a divorce decree or other court order is signed by the court, it is legally binding upon the parties who become legally obligated to comply with the terms of the order. If a spouse fails to pay child support or fails to follow a visitation schedule or pay spousal support, for instance, he or she can be held in contempt of court for violating the divorce decree.  There are severe consequences to violation of a court order, including fines, attorney’s fees, seizure of property and jail time.

If you have received a motion for enforcement or contempt, do not ignore it! Seek assistance from an experienced attorney who can review the notice and grounds for contempt and help argue against the allegations. Kimberly D. Levi has 25 years of experience in family law matters. As a Houston enforcement attorney, she strives to provide the most effective representation possible for her clients while also keeping them fully informed regarding the likely outcome of their case. Where other attorneys may find it impossible, Ms. Levi finds solutions.

Contact her law office in Houston, Texas, to discuss your enforcement matter and the best possible strategy for defending you against contempt charges.

Contempt of Court in Texas Family Law Matters

There are many reasons a person can be charged with contempt of court within the family law context.  Some include:

  • Relocating a child geographically without court approval
  • Failing to pay or falling behind on child support payments
  • Denying the other parent his or her court ordered periods of visitation
  • Failing to pay spousal support
  • Failing to comply with the division of property in a divorce decree

Although you may have the best intentions for your child, court approval is required for any changes to an order involving children. Otherwise, your child’s other parent can seek an enforcement/contempt action against you.  Affirmative defenses to the charge of contempt can include lacking the ability to provide the child support owed or that the complaining spouse voluntarily relinquished actual possession of the child to you.

Mr. Levi can prosecute any family law enforcement or contempt action on your behalf and she can work to defeat any contempt charges you might face when you call today and schedule a consultation.

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