Divorce with Children

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Divorce with Children

Assisting With All Divorce Issues Involving Children

Divorce involving children requires special and careful attention to a child’s needs and best interests.  Part of this analysis involves working to encourage the open and honest cooperation of each parent toward reaching an agreement that works for all parties involved.  Although divorce is often viewed as traumatic for a child, it does not have to have such an effect.  Having a thorough, skilled and experienced divorce attorney to help facilitate a divorce with children issues can make all the difference in creating a smoother transition for your child.

Kimberly D. Levi has 25 years of  litigation experience as a divorce attorney in Houston, Texas. She can handle all your divorce matters, including planning for divorce and any issues relating to your children.  Such legal matters may include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Parental rights and duties
  • Relocations and move-aways
  • Health insurance during divorce action and beyond
  • Domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse issues

Child Support in Texas

Child support is not optional.  It is a child’s right to be supported by both of his or her parents and the obligation of one parent to pay child support to the other parent helps ensure that this is accomplished.  Texas state guidelines found in the Texas Family Code are used to calculate child support payments. Factors the court can consider include gross incomes, number of children of the relationship, and health insurance costs.  Ms. Levi will assist you with calculating fair and accurate child support payments and can do so today – please call to schedule a consultation.

Ms. Levi strives to create working and lasting parenting plans for her clients. Positive communication and cooperation are almost always in the child’s best interests. However, in some instances when an agreement cannot be reached, court intervention is required. Ms. Levi has extensive courtroom experience and enjoys the challenge of finding just the right formula to effectively present your case and position to the court. In addition, Ms. Levi has access to forensic experts that may be required to give testimony to assist in the presentation of your case, which experts may including psychologists and other mental health professionals.

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